Business strategy​

MEDiLAB is an importer, distributor and representative for the following companies:


SIEMENS Healthineers



The companies we represent are globally renowned for their past and their future and above all for the quality of their products. The products we deal with are medical products.

Our customers come from the field of medicine. Depending on the product line, we are doing business with wholesalers, pharmacies, hospitals, polyclinics, medical & biochemical laboratories, and private practices.

An essential characteristic of MEDiLAB is its integral approach to its business partners and to the product lines it represents. Product registration, import, distribution, promotion, marketing and service are all linked into a chain held firmly together to guarantee meeting the contractual obligations with maximum flexibility and reliability.

That fact that we are a distributor gives us the opportunity to find new, quality and creative solutions that meet the international standards and professional requirements.

The parameters we take into account in selecting new product lines are high quality standards and the values they bring to the existing operation, as well as compatibility of the new with the existing lines.

Years of successful operation on the medical products market, the expertise and experience of our staff and the desire to acquire new knowledge make us a reliable and proactive player in the health-care field in Croatia.

Our social sensitivity and care for the well-being of the society at large and of our community make us a valuable member of the society now and in the future.


  1. BRAUN

Back in 1939, nobody knew that a small pharmacy in Melsungen, bought by Julius Wilhelm Braun, would become one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of medical equipment. Already at that time, the Braun family showed their creativity and market orientation by introducing distribution of herbs by mail order. A two-way exchange of information and knowledge is the key factor in their development of new products. B. BRAUN’s product improvement is a constant process driven by the sharing of information between the employees of the company and professional medical staff and the implementation of new ideas in everyday life and work. That is how the motto of the company – Sharing expertise – came into being.

Today, B. BRAUN is still a family business, with 29,000 employees world-wide. It manufactures a range of medical products divided into 4 major groups:

Aesculap – product lines for surgical wards,
Hospital Care – product lines for intensive and acute treatment, anaesthesiology and infusion therapy,
Out Patient market – homecare product lines,
Medtech – product lines for acute and chronic dialysis and aphaeresis.

Focus on the needs of the business partners, flexible organisation, care for the employees and the community in which the company operates have won the company BBRAUN the title of the best employer in Germany in 2005. The rating was conducted by the independent company Corporate Research Foundation (CRF).


SIEMENS Healthineers

Siemens is a company with an impressive background. Established in 1847, today it operates in more than 190 countries, employs more than 400,000 people and owns more than 62,000 patents. It engages in the areas of IT&C, IT solutions and services, energy, automation, transport, medicine, and transport technology. The vision of the company is aptly summed up in its motto: Inventing the future, which guides the entire activity of the company.

The part of the company specialised in medicine engages in a broad range of activities – from instruments for specific diagnostic or therapeutic procedures, through laboratory diagnostics to IT. With the recent acquisition of the companies Bayer Diagnostics, DPC and Dade Behring, Siemens has become the leading manufacturer of laboratory diagnostic equipment in the world.

MEDiLAB represents the company SIEMENS Healthineers and its lab diagnostics product line and ultrasound systems in Croatia.