Dear visitors of the MEDiLAB website,
Welcome to our e-home. Many of you who have found your way to it know MEDiLAB as a business partner or a competitor.

One of the focuses of our business strategy is an integral approach to specific areas of health-care i.e. developing the product lines that we represent in accordance with professional requirements. The synergy between company units is very strong, though often not sufficiently recognised and utilised, so that most of our business partners are only familiar with part of the health-care product lines we represent.

The purpose of this website is to:

  • Make visible to our business partners the synergy between the specific lines we represent and, consequently, to prompt the flow of information; using the search function you may quickly and easily browse through all the lines and products which could be of use and/or interest to you
  • Set up a useful source of information related to specific areas of medicine; for the time being, on all the pages with product lines there are links to the companies we represent, and we are also planning to place links to selected pages dealing with the areas of medicine to which products of a specific product line are related.

We hope that you will find browsing our website useful. If you believe you have an idea about how to improve the content of the website, if you know a link that you consider useful, or if you think that a topic should be dealt with differently, please send us your comments and proposals by e-mail. We shall consider all your comments, objections, observations and ideas, to make improvements.

We thank all our business partners for their cooperation and invite all the others with whom we are currently not doing business to contact us. This may be just the time for the beginning of beautiful business cooperation.

Yours faithfully

Marko Džepina,