The Vision and the Mission


Our vision is to develop MEDiLAB:

  • to become one of the leading Croatian medicine firm,
  • to a firm of recognisable image based on quality, reliability and creative approach,
  • as a harmonious, well organised firm with highly educated, satisfied, positive and proactive employees,
  • into a firm that brings changes and contributes to a quality of life of the medical staff and patients, and the society as a whole.



To direct our work, business, services and our relationships toward the well being of our employees, broader community and especially toward health and patient quality of life improvement. We will create values through constant innovations, excellence and increasing business efficiency in all segments. We will assure constant growth and development through constant education and building preparedness for quick changes.



  • Our firm’s greatest value is our staff – our intellectual and cultural capital – their knowledge, experience, skills, creativity, innovative, professionalism and personality.
  • Our firm’s value are respectability and our recognisable name.
  • Our firm’s value are our physical and financial assets.
  • Our firm’s value is in particular our inner force drive, our spiritual capital that is being recognised by:
    • positive and competent leadership,
    • open and sincere communication,
    • strength, force, diligence, perseverance,
    • loyalty, devotion, fidelity,
    • ability to listen to others and ability to help and support others,
    • responsibility, fairness, honesty,
    • love and confidence toward people and work,
    • recognizing and respecting values, identities and dignity of each individual,
    • providing growth, development and progress of each individual,
    • establishing clear, precise and impartial success assessment system,
    • ability to laugh at ourselves, learn from our mistakes and constantly change.